#001 Taxi!


Taxi! Taxi! by you.

I have officially started my Project 365.  These means I commit myself to producing at least one artwork per day and NO CHEATING.  I’ve been wanting to do this since three years ago when I started working abroad.  Finally!  Here’s to a year of passion and commitment to illustrating fashion + music + art + lifestyle!

Taxi! by you.

This sketch is part of my first fashion illustration collection inspired by the handpainted and reflector pieces of Richard C. Elliott.  This was also influenced by a remix of STRESS by Justice and songs from Crystal Castles.

Richard C. Elliott*

 *Image of Sir Elliott taken from www.reflectorart.com


3 responses to “#001 Taxi!

  1. he would love your designs /believed in the connections across cultures

    • Hi. Thank you so much. He really is an inspiration. I wish I was able to meet him…

      I will be posting the rest of the collection inspired by him soon. 🙂

  2. “Dick” as he is called within the family, is (was) my uncle. Dick along with his wife named Jane, are my true mentors and inspiration to stay at it, regarding making my art. It is funny because, this fashion inspired work reminds me of the style of my own work. Intact, it was my mom who sent it to me from Jane who sent it to her to see. It is really cool to see dick inspiring someone else of my generation who was not raised knowing how talented both he and Jane are. Thank you for sharing! I really like it!

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