#007 Death

Lightness in Darkness by you.

Infinite Darkness Silence Emptiness

          The other day I came across an awkward feeling while I was reflecting on death.  I was thinking about what exactly will happen to me right after my last breath.  It started with, will it be heaven or hell or none? It was rather difficult imagining heaven or hell, so I thought about the third option.  And it meant NOTHING. I interpreted it as an abrupt movement from alive and kicking, to being inexistent, meaningless.  At first it felt like watching a film, then an immediate black screen. THE END. But you don’t take your eyes off the screen. You simply remain in your position infinitely. Until you lose consciousness. And all those thoughts, dilemmas, emotions, everything will be reduced to nothingness.

Darkness Flows by you. Is there really a light at end of the tunnel?

          I am really finding it hard to describe the emotion precisely. Imagining the feeling of infinite nothingness is so hard to put in words.  Hence I shall hold the thought and instead, ponder on life and living, and all of our beloved who have passed…

Rest In Paradise VG, JD, MD, BN…


2 responses to “#007 Death

  1. In this world of constant bombardment from cell phones ringing and texting, I’m surprised anyone has the time to ponder their inner thoughts. Sorting out the meaning of death could take a while. No one has the definitive answer. Yours is worth considering.

  2. Ah.. Even in death, there’s the underboob cleavage. I love it.


    ***Who’s JD and VG?

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