#008 Mozart’s Light

Guardian by you.

Sound of silver talk to me...

          I’ve been listening to a lot of Mozart lately, from the Allegro to Carmina Burana and even Fur Elise.  What probably reminds the classical composers of legendary music, in my case reminds me of awesome films and their trailers.  Endless weddings have played Canon in D Major and the Marriage of Figaro because they are simply PERFECT for the occasion.  The sound seems to channel the exact emotion, enhancing it along the way.  But is there more for this music in our lives apart from ceremonies and silverscreens?

Guard by you.

blinding lights, mute screams

          I wish there would be a revival in classical music.  All my love goes to the wonderful music in the past few years but I have a strong feeling that there is something from way in the past that is just waiting for our generation to uncover.  A lost feeling perhaps? An experience from centuries ago that is possibly relatable to us too?  I dream of classical music being part of my life’s soundtrack and not just of sci-fi or fantasy heroes.  But listening to Carmina Burana and it’s strength and power, how will such intense rhythm and beats fit into days devoid of hanging in a cliff during a storm, or running for dear life as buildings fall and crumble, or defending yourself from a troop of bloodthirsty villains?


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