#010 The End

          I’ve always had a penchant for “doomsday films”.  My craving for the thrill of running away from apocalyptic events was something I could never explain.  But today, with all the sadness that surrounds us, I saw the “end of the world” in a different light.  Instead of being scary and chaotic, it could be the best time to go.  Imagine a moment where together everyone shall move on to what is next to life.  Nobody will be ahead, nobody will be left behind.  Nobody will miss anyone. No tears shed. No grave sadness. Just looking forward, altogether.

Left behind... by you.

For us who are left behind...

         But this is not how it is.  At least as far as we know now, life gets as painful as it can be for everyone.  Someone always goes ahead and most of us are left behind.  It helps to think that they are now in a much better place, and I guess this is not just because we wish them well, but also because we know we are still here, still part of the ride.  Others maybe enjoying it right now, but many are also eager to hop off.



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