#015 Animal Instinct

Animal Instinct by you.

Heels / Hooves

          What do we really have in common with animals?  Yesterday I was wondering if animals really didn’t feel emotions.  I also pondered why people thought so.  Is it because most of them eat their own kind?  Or because their responses are limited to the survival needs?  Or because they can’t intentionally smile or laugh?

Animal Instinct by you.

What does the difference make of us?

          I have a friend who told me that bodies of people who commit suicide are now “allowed” by the Catholic Church to be blessed, contrary to its previous stand. They say it is because people who take their own life have gone beyond the normal state of thinking and are thus cosidered unable to make proper decisions.  Then what about those who commit murder? or rape?  Are they not sick enough to merit pardon and blessing from the Church upon their passing?  To rephrase, should they be qualified sick beyond capability to implement moral and ethical standards for their souls to be blessed as well?

          Further, what is the relevance of  this holy act of “blessing” to a life taken improperly?  Is it for his or her soul? Or is it for US?


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