#016 From the Top of My Head

Hair-raising! by you.

oh the things i used to dream of...

           I was supposed to draw something that was “uninspired”.  Somehow I ended up with this.  Funny, I don’t really miss all the materialism I used to love and work real hard for. 

oohlala! by you.

luxury is lost on many...

         There are many books now about the DEATH OF FASHION or the idea of LUXURY FOR MASSES.  Many of them discussing the trend of luxury brands reaching a wider market by bombarding them with shameless advertising and promotion.  Many people have issues with this because they say as these high-end brands become common, they lose their essence.  For me, I feel sad because most people end up aspiring for the products for reasons beyond what the brands used to symbolize.  The proud history, the craftsmanship, the genius that is put into the design, the philosophy it represents, these are ignored because celebrities and the nouveau riche and other symbols of “a better life” do the selling.  And I cannot even begin to think about people spending money they do not have, to show how much they’re supposed to have.


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