#022 Arrest Me

          Something is happening to me.  I’m getting addicted to contrast.  Cleaning up all the time, being obsessive and compulsive, yet watching violence and boxing and blood and gut spilling on TV.  Staying at home on weekends yet my playlist is filled with music either for mosh pit concerts or sweating it out in the club.   Listening to Orba Squara while sketching a beat up woman weeping.  I want to be good but I also want to be imprisoned, screaming and shouting, trying to break the bars.
Mug Shot by you.

How much will it cost to put myself behind bars?

“Spinning, my head is spinning, up around around!
down to the pub, up to the club!
my stomach’s turning, oh my body’s burning
our liquid lives, this is how we all survive!”

I wanna drink drink drink smoke fuck fight
I wanna shout, drink, scream, I wanna die!
I wanna be arrested, I wanna be molested
and i’ve damaged my brain, next weekend lets do it again!”

Liquid Lives by Hadouken!

Mug Shot by you.

Two men look out the same prison bars; one sees mud and the other stars. -Frederick Langbridge


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