#35 I’m Fine, You’re Fine

BORING sex-life? STUPID boss?  IMMATURE boyfriend? PSYCHO girlfriend? Flat water? Can’t decide what to have for lunch? I think i’ve got the solution. The most temporary one.  Perhaps this solution will last for a split-second.  It all depends on you really.

Look Closely and You’ll See

When we get stressed, we can do two things:  PAUSE and THINK.  Pause, breathe deeply and tell yourself nice things.  Personally I like to remind myself of how AWESOME my life is (yes I like to pretend it is) although most of the time I just tell myself, “I’m FINE.” Works miracles really.  Perhaps if we all did this it would be a much better world.  But then, we’ll start to miss being bitter, discontent and insecure.  I know I love my share of gloom and doom.

Stop holding your breath…

*Today’s sketch was inspired by “The September Issue”, more specifically the part of Grace Coddington & Patrick Demarchelier’s colour-blocking story.  It’s such a feel good film. I’ve seen it more than 5 times (by far). It is my new Devil Wears Prada.


4 responses to “#35 I’m Fine, You’re Fine

  1. haha good job u didn’t reduce “bob”‘s beer belly.

  2. i say… the problem with over-thinking and over-analyzing is that you account for 0% luck and good fortune.. a very un-Filipino philosophy if you ask me hahaha

  3. Aram, you are killing me, I totally DIE. Too fabulous for this world.

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