#36 Abducted by Humans

When can we start wearing the future?  And I don’t just mean next season’s clothes.  I’m talking about clothing similar to those in The Fifth Element starring the awesome Milla Jovovich (where is she now???).  I gave it some thought and I CANNOT ACCEPT the idea that certain bionic attires will never get acceptable in my lifetime.

Can the future be NOW?

 It’s funny because a lot of people are calling for change.  Many say change is good, fresh and keeps us alive.  But it seems that our desire to keep things the way it is, is still way stronger.  Often when we realize how difficult and uncomfortable changes can be, we slouch back and simply forget about it.  You see Dolce & Gabbana make C3PO outfits and Balenciaga continues to release Space-Age looks but even the models themselves prefer oversized cotton t-shirts for daywear.

somebody please invent real-time fast-forward

 In an upside-down inside-out whirlwind change in perspective.  Maybe the FUTURE IS NOW.   Maybe it is just a matter of perspective and.. opinion.  Just this morning I stumbled upon some photos which looked like they were scenes from Star Wars.  Instead they were Skyscrapers in Moscow during low clouds.

**Today’s sketch was inspired by Russian Photographer Dmitriy Christoprudov and his work as posted in English Russia.


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