#39 Even Classics Come and Go

Cute little cardigans, spaghetti strap tops, mid-calf skirts, tube tops… where are they now?  A decade ago none of those over-studded, dripping with stones, splashed with glitter kind existed.  Now we’ve become those people in the photos we used to laugh at for wearing skinny jeans and shoulder pads.  God it’s like missing a trusty old ex-boyfriend who you broke up with because you simply got bored with him.

of cardigans and the good old days

But what else can we say?  Trends, like boyfriends/girlfriends, come and go.  For the first half of the decade people are into clean simple clothes, and for the other half it’s the total opposite.  Maybe once in a while the two blend together but eventually it makes a full swing.  One polar opposite to another.  In a way it doesn’t really make sense to buy something and say it’s a good investment.  Buy it for the NOW, not because it will withstand criticism but because you want to wear big shoulders NOW and shiny pants and sparkly stuff in broad daylight and you love it.  Nowadays, even classics come and go, it’s really all about style and committing to it.

Trends come and go but style is forever -YSL


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