#41 Marry Me McQueen

Rumor has it that THE MCQUEEN SPRING2010 SHOE will NEVER BE PRODUCED! The show pieces will just be up for auction.  Whaaat?!?! NoOoOoOo! 

shoes CAN inspire an entire outfit

No seriously. Mr McQueen.  Marry me and I shall be the best husband or wife or both to you.  I wouldn’t mind dedicating hours and hours reorganizing all your past work or participating in your terrarium fashion show as a one legged horse.

and i will runawaaaay

Marry me or I shall run off to a Frenchie (Nicholas Ghesquiere) and we shall make gorgeous mixed-race babies by the River Seine.

I know it looks like a claw. but i love it.


2 responses to “#41 Marry Me McQueen

  1. Ha! I love that you said it looks like a claw! It reminds me of the little black shoes that they put on some of the characters in shows (No titles come to mind at the time…) Anywho…. love the snakeskin pattern and I could so see these in a Gaga, Rihanna or Beyonce music video!!

    • Gaga has already used the silver/metallic version in her latest music video (along with the COMPLETE FINALE outift from MCQ’s SS2010). Perhaps Rihanna will sport it next… I doubt Beyoncé will follow for she seems (or her stylist seems) to favor more of Gareth Pugh and Thierry Mugler… 🙂

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