#42 Before the WORLD ENDS

Big ruffled dress and silver fox fur. These are TWO of the many things that I NEED to “experience” before the whole world starts to perish. 

Silver fox fur is love

Ok so I just saw 2012 and I LOVE IT.  Personally I thought John “chick-flick” Cusack did a good job.  And the film itself. WOW.  I would say it was the most worth-it END-OF-THE-WORLD film I have ever seen.  I’m sure it’s so awesome it made Armageddon fall on its knees and cry and  Deep Impact must have committed suicide halfway through seeing the film.

me and my garden dress a day before the world ends

Although the film tells us that only the following people will be saved:  Politicians, Rich families, and Chinese workers.  Oh and of course all Africans living in Africa.  That is, if Johanessburg will not be invaded by a bunch of “primitive-looking” intergalactic species.


2 responses to “#42 Before the WORLD ENDS

  1. i loved 2012 too haha. well, i love all end of the world movies for my cheesy desire to make us all equal in the end.

    made a new blog btw and i made an entry about you somewhere 🙂

    • Thanks Sab! I’ll buy you a bucket of beers next time i’m in SG!

      (oh and lots of people say 2012 is crap! Hell some people LOVE twilight but i dont give a ****). No matter what they say, I LOVE 2012!!!)

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