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#42 Before the WORLD ENDS

Big ruffled dress and silver fox fur. These are TWO of the many things that I NEED to “experience” before the whole world starts to perish. 

Silver fox fur is love

Ok so I just saw 2012 and I LOVE IT.  Personally I thought John “chick-flick” Cusack did a good job.  And the film itself. WOW.  I would say it was the most worth-it END-OF-THE-WORLD film I have ever seen.  I’m sure it’s so awesome it made Armageddon fall on its knees and cry and  Deep Impact must have committed suicide halfway through seeing the film.

me and my garden dress a day before the world ends

Although the film tells us that only the following people will be saved:  Politicians, Rich families, and Chinese workers.  Oh and of course all Africans living in Africa.  That is, if Johanessburg will not be invaded by a bunch of “primitive-looking” intergalactic species.


#41 Marry Me McQueen

Rumor has it that THE MCQUEEN SPRING2010 SHOE will NEVER BE PRODUCED! The show pieces will just be up for auction.  Whaaat?!?! NoOoOoOo! 

shoes CAN inspire an entire outfit

No seriously. Mr McQueen.  Marry me and I shall be the best husband or wife or both to you.  I wouldn’t mind dedicating hours and hours reorganizing all your past work or participating in your terrarium fashion show as a one legged horse.

and i will runawaaaay

Marry me or I shall run off to a Frenchie (Nicholas Ghesquiere) and we shall make gorgeous mixed-race babies by the River Seine.

I know it looks like a claw. but i love it.

#40 Sex Drugs Alcohol

I’ve had too much of the first one.  I was never really into the second one.  The third one, well, I would say I do miss it, especially the people I drank with.

bell bottoms and swirly tops

I was watching Charlie’s Angels the other day with my sister and for some reason it was really fun to watch. I literally laughed at every scene and yes I find it odd that I enjoyed it that much.  Maybe it’s because I miss that time when it was all about halter tops and bell bottoms.

lets bring back what we brought back 8 years ago

 I love my skinny jeans.  They make me feel good “inside” despite the fact that they won’t let me bend my knees properly and occasionally pinch my unwaxed leg hair while squishing my jewels.  Now it’s all about the tightness and needless to say I look forward to being liberated.  Or do I?  I once told my friends that if I could wear heels in public I would wear the ones that looked the best and hurt the most.

Sex Drugs and Alcohol.  They all hurt in some way.  But we love them.

#39 Even Classics Come and Go

Cute little cardigans, spaghetti strap tops, mid-calf skirts, tube tops… where are they now?  A decade ago none of those over-studded, dripping with stones, splashed with glitter kind existed.  Now we’ve become those people in the photos we used to laugh at for wearing skinny jeans and shoulder pads.  God it’s like missing a trusty old ex-boyfriend who you broke up with because you simply got bored with him.

of cardigans and the good old days

But what else can we say?  Trends, like boyfriends/girlfriends, come and go.  For the first half of the decade people are into clean simple clothes, and for the other half it’s the total opposite.  Maybe once in a while the two blend together but eventually it makes a full swing.  One polar opposite to another.  In a way it doesn’t really make sense to buy something and say it’s a good investment.  Buy it for the NOW, not because it will withstand criticism but because you want to wear big shoulders NOW and shiny pants and sparkly stuff in broad daylight and you love it.  Nowadays, even classics come and go, it’s really all about style and committing to it.

Trends come and go but style is forever -YSL

#38 A Full Dress in 8-Hours

Yet another lesson of PUTTING YOUR MIND INTO IT.

My Costume Sketch for the Halloween Party

In less than 8 hours I was able to come up with something that has been in my mind for quite some time now.  You see, it was the annual Halloween Ball of my college block and it was also my first time to attend such highly anticipated event.  I already missed two years because of my work in Brunei but now that I’m back in Manila I get to FINALLY attend.

My dress in 8 hours or less

All I can say is, IT WAS WORTH IT!  I got the materials, measured myself, cut and sewed all night.  All the handstitching and the painful attention to detail was worth it!  Needless to say that dress gave me such a wonderful feeling.  In moments like this, you really appreciate the POWER of fashion, and how getting crazy once in a while can be healthier than running everyday.

its all about how badly you want it

 I love you my dear college friends.  You all inspire me. 🙂

#37 Have A Dream. Make It Real.

Life is short.  Have a dream. Make it real.  Don’t tell me you don’t have a dream. Everybody has one.  I have heard a lot of friends tell me how lucky I am to have a certain “talent” and a dream.  They tell me that as “normal” people who can’t draw, sing, or act, it’s very hard for them to even think of something to aspire for.  “I don’t know what to do with my life” is how they put it.

Vogue fashion spread Page 1 of 6

Right after highschool that was the same question that bothered me.  I ended up taking a course that I was clueless about although I don’t regret taking it.  I was already in junior year when I really told myself that I wanted to be an artist, an illustrator and a fashion designer.  But here’s the big realization:  There really isn’t a lot of difference whether you’ve set yourself a goal or not.  Some people set goals and never attain it.  Many visions remain just as it is.  What some of my friends don’t realize is, as “boring” and “meaningless” they feel their lives are, it is in much ways better than mine, or someone else’s.  God knows how much I envy my friends and their immature boyfriends, their psycho girlfriends, their homophobic dads, etc etc etc…

Vogue fashion spread page 2 of 6

I have a dream.  Im working on it.  For now my sketches make them real.  Soon it will be further realized… it’s just a matter of time… just like everyone else’s dreams.

This is a snapshot of my dream…

* Today’s sketch is an illustration of Gareth Pugh’s Spring 2010 collection. His designs are not as glamorous as Balmain or Dior but they always manage to influence the next big trend.  Someday I’ll be doing that, but for now a feature illustration in Vogue will do. 🙂

#36 Abducted by Humans

When can we start wearing the future?  And I don’t just mean next season’s clothes.  I’m talking about clothing similar to those in The Fifth Element starring the awesome Milla Jovovich (where is she now???).  I gave it some thought and I CANNOT ACCEPT the idea that certain bionic attires will never get acceptable in my lifetime.

Can the future be NOW?

 It’s funny because a lot of people are calling for change.  Many say change is good, fresh and keeps us alive.  But it seems that our desire to keep things the way it is, is still way stronger.  Often when we realize how difficult and uncomfortable changes can be, we slouch back and simply forget about it.  You see Dolce & Gabbana make C3PO outfits and Balenciaga continues to release Space-Age looks but even the models themselves prefer oversized cotton t-shirts for daywear.

somebody please invent real-time fast-forward

 In an upside-down inside-out whirlwind change in perspective.  Maybe the FUTURE IS NOW.   Maybe it is just a matter of perspective and.. opinion.  Just this morning I stumbled upon some photos which looked like they were scenes from Star Wars.  Instead they were Skyscrapers in Moscow during low clouds.

**Today’s sketch was inspired by Russian Photographer Dmitriy Christoprudov and his work as posted in English Russia.