#35 I’m Fine, You’re Fine

BORING sex-life? STUPID boss?  IMMATURE boyfriend? PSYCHO girlfriend? Flat water? Can’t decide what to have for lunch? I think i’ve got the solution. The most temporary one.  Perhaps this solution will last for a split-second.  It all depends on you really.

Look Closely and You’ll See

When we get stressed, we can do two things:  PAUSE and THINK.  Pause, breathe deeply and tell yourself nice things.  Personally I like to remind myself of how AWESOME my life is (yes I like to pretend it is) although most of the time I just tell myself, “I’m FINE.” Works miracles really.  Perhaps if we all did this it would be a much better world.  But then, we’ll start to miss being bitter, discontent and insecure.  I know I love my share of gloom and doom.

Stop holding your breath…

*Today’s sketch was inspired by “The September Issue”, more specifically the part of Grace Coddington & Patrick Demarchelier’s colour-blocking story.  It’s such a feel good film. I’ve seen it more than 5 times (by far). It is my new Devil Wears Prada.


#34 Hoes Before Bros

Hoe! Hoe! Hoe!

Think about it.  It’s always been HOES BEFORE BROS.  Especially when you’re young and you have yet to make A GAZILLION MISTAKES with your life.  We only say the reverse after one of us has chosen the opposite path and have nothing better to say than something that goes along with “I told you so…”

Forgive me as i am very passionate for Hoes

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right.  But really dig into it.  What’s so wrong with admitting that hoes come before bros in many a situation in a young man’s life?  Maybe it’s just me.  I can sketch slutty whores all day.

#33 Last Words

Today I remember one of my friends who passed away a year ago.  And his last words to me were…

“How was your sleep last night?  I kept looking at you. You were tossing and turning.”

I miss you buddy.  I wish we could’ve talked more.  Anyway, we’d like to think you’re in a much better place now.  Thank you for touching our lives.

#32 Stained Denial

When in doubt. DENY! DENY! DENY!

Ít’s ok to go through phases.  DENIAL is one of them.  Just make sure to follow through with ACCEPTANCE later on.  Or can we really skip phases? How much does awareness affect normal human behavior?

#31 Fight Club

Push me and then just...

I never understood fight club.  Not until I saw some Fronk & Deco films in youtube.  Then violence and pain became sort of an addiction to me.  It felt really interesting to see the act of afflicting pain.  Though it was more of a savage and brutal bruised feeling rather than the dark and broody suicidal kind.  Now the question is, why is make-up sex so good?

Make it hurt some more

#30 Falling in Love Again

I wonder how many people around the world MISS THAT FEELING right about now.  When you love each other so much every little thing seems to excite you.  You can’t wait to tell your friends everytime something barely interesting happens.  People who believe they are already “mature” will say it is silly to hold on to these things as this is not what love is.  But why does “love” seem to always start with such?

#29 The Aftermath

There is a question that I must have asked one too many times.

you wake up...

It is made up of four words that convey curiosity and stupidity. 

You realize you're naked..

It is a phrase that nearly encapsulates most of my college life.

Feeling funny



You regret some...