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#42 Before the WORLD ENDS

Big ruffled dress and silver fox fur. These are TWO of the many things that I NEED to “experience” before the whole world starts to perish. 

Silver fox fur is love

Ok so I just saw 2012 and I LOVE IT.  Personally I thought John “chick-flick” Cusack did a good job.  And the film itself. WOW.  I would say it was the most worth-it END-OF-THE-WORLD film I have ever seen.  I’m sure it’s so awesome it made Armageddon fall on its knees and cry and  Deep Impact must have committed suicide halfway through seeing the film.

me and my garden dress a day before the world ends

Although the film tells us that only the following people will be saved:  Politicians, Rich families, and Chinese workers.  Oh and of course all Africans living in Africa.  That is, if Johanessburg will not be invaded by a bunch of “primitive-looking” intergalactic species.


#33 Last Words

Today I remember one of my friends who passed away a year ago.  And his last words to me were…

“How was your sleep last night?  I kept looking at you. You were tossing and turning.”

I miss you buddy.  I wish we could’ve talked more.  Anyway, we’d like to think you’re in a much better place now.  Thank you for touching our lives.

#23 Crime of Passion

Bleeding Love by you.

Bleeding Love

In the United States civil courts, a crime of passion is referred to as temporary insanity.

Isn’t this quite an interesting Get-Out-of-Jail Card?

Crime of Passion by you.

That's What Love Can Do

#015 Animal Instinct

Animal Instinct by you.

Heels / Hooves

          What do we really have in common with animals?  Yesterday I was wondering if animals really didn’t feel emotions.  I also pondered why people thought so.  Is it because most of them eat their own kind?  Or because their responses are limited to the survival needs?  Or because they can’t intentionally smile or laugh?

Animal Instinct by you.

What does the difference make of us?

          I have a friend who told me that bodies of people who commit suicide are now “allowed” by the Catholic Church to be blessed, contrary to its previous stand. They say it is because people who take their own life have gone beyond the normal state of thinking and are thus cosidered unable to make proper decisions.  Then what about those who commit murder? or rape?  Are they not sick enough to merit pardon and blessing from the Church upon their passing?  To rephrase, should they be qualified sick beyond capability to implement moral and ethical standards for their souls to be blessed as well?

          Further, what is the relevance of  this holy act of “blessing” to a life taken improperly?  Is it for his or her soul? Or is it for US?

#010 The End

          I’ve always had a penchant for “doomsday films”.  My craving for the thrill of running away from apocalyptic events was something I could never explain.  But today, with all the sadness that surrounds us, I saw the “end of the world” in a different light.  Instead of being scary and chaotic, it could be the best time to go.  Imagine a moment where together everyone shall move on to what is next to life.  Nobody will be ahead, nobody will be left behind.  Nobody will miss anyone. No tears shed. No grave sadness. Just looking forward, altogether.

Left behind... by you.

For us who are left behind...

         But this is not how it is.  At least as far as we know now, life gets as painful as it can be for everyone.  Someone always goes ahead and most of us are left behind.  It helps to think that they are now in a much better place, and I guess this is not just because we wish them well, but also because we know we are still here, still part of the ride.  Others maybe enjoying it right now, but many are also eager to hop off.


#007 Death

Lightness in Darkness by you.

Infinite Darkness Silence Emptiness

          The other day I came across an awkward feeling while I was reflecting on death.  I was thinking about what exactly will happen to me right after my last breath.  It started with, will it be heaven or hell or none? It was rather difficult imagining heaven or hell, so I thought about the third option.  And it meant NOTHING. I interpreted it as an abrupt movement from alive and kicking, to being inexistent, meaningless.  At first it felt like watching a film, then an immediate black screen. THE END. But you don’t take your eyes off the screen. You simply remain in your position infinitely. Until you lose consciousness. And all those thoughts, dilemmas, emotions, everything will be reduced to nothingness.

Darkness Flows by you. Is there really a light at end of the tunnel?

          I am really finding it hard to describe the emotion precisely. Imagining the feeling of infinite nothingness is so hard to put in words.  Hence I shall hold the thought and instead, ponder on life and living, and all of our beloved who have passed…

Rest In Paradise VG, JD, MD, BN…