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#37 Have A Dream. Make It Real.

Life is short.  Have a dream. Make it real.  Don’t tell me you don’t have a dream. Everybody has one.  I have heard a lot of friends tell me how lucky I am to have a certain “talent” and a dream.  They tell me that as “normal” people who can’t draw, sing, or act, it’s very hard for them to even think of something to aspire for.  “I don’t know what to do with my life” is how they put it.

Vogue fashion spread Page 1 of 6

Right after highschool that was the same question that bothered me.  I ended up taking a course that I was clueless about although I don’t regret taking it.  I was already in junior year when I really told myself that I wanted to be an artist, an illustrator and a fashion designer.  But here’s the big realization:  There really isn’t a lot of difference whether you’ve set yourself a goal or not.  Some people set goals and never attain it.  Many visions remain just as it is.  What some of my friends don’t realize is, as “boring” and “meaningless” they feel their lives are, it is in much ways better than mine, or someone else’s.  God knows how much I envy my friends and their immature boyfriends, their psycho girlfriends, their homophobic dads, etc etc etc…

Vogue fashion spread page 2 of 6

I have a dream.  Im working on it.  For now my sketches make them real.  Soon it will be further realized… it’s just a matter of time… just like everyone else’s dreams.

This is a snapshot of my dream…

* Today’s sketch is an illustration of Gareth Pugh’s Spring 2010 collection. His designs are not as glamorous as Balmain or Dior but they always manage to influence the next big trend.  Someday I’ll be doing that, but for now a feature illustration in Vogue will do. 🙂


#35 I’m Fine, You’re Fine

BORING sex-life? STUPID boss?  IMMATURE boyfriend? PSYCHO girlfriend? Flat water? Can’t decide what to have for lunch? I think i’ve got the solution. The most temporary one.  Perhaps this solution will last for a split-second.  It all depends on you really.

Look Closely and You’ll See

When we get stressed, we can do two things:  PAUSE and THINK.  Pause, breathe deeply and tell yourself nice things.  Personally I like to remind myself of how AWESOME my life is (yes I like to pretend it is) although most of the time I just tell myself, “I’m FINE.” Works miracles really.  Perhaps if we all did this it would be a much better world.  But then, we’ll start to miss being bitter, discontent and insecure.  I know I love my share of gloom and doom.

Stop holding your breath…

*Today’s sketch was inspired by “The September Issue”, more specifically the part of Grace Coddington & Patrick Demarchelier’s colour-blocking story.  It’s such a feel good film. I’ve seen it more than 5 times (by far). It is my new Devil Wears Prada.

#016 From the Top of My Head

Hair-raising! by you.

oh the things i used to dream of...

           I was supposed to draw something that was “uninspired”.  Somehow I ended up with this.  Funny, I don’t really miss all the materialism I used to love and work real hard for. 

oohlala! by you.

luxury is lost on many...

         There are many books now about the DEATH OF FASHION or the idea of LUXURY FOR MASSES.  Many of them discussing the trend of luxury brands reaching a wider market by bombarding them with shameless advertising and promotion.  Many people have issues with this because they say as these high-end brands become common, they lose their essence.  For me, I feel sad because most people end up aspiring for the products for reasons beyond what the brands used to symbolize.  The proud history, the craftsmanship, the genius that is put into the design, the philosophy it represents, these are ignored because celebrities and the nouveau riche and other symbols of “a better life” do the selling.  And I cannot even begin to think about people spending money they do not have, to show how much they’re supposed to have.

#007 Death

Lightness in Darkness by you.

Infinite Darkness Silence Emptiness

          The other day I came across an awkward feeling while I was reflecting on death.  I was thinking about what exactly will happen to me right after my last breath.  It started with, will it be heaven or hell or none? It was rather difficult imagining heaven or hell, so I thought about the third option.  And it meant NOTHING. I interpreted it as an abrupt movement from alive and kicking, to being inexistent, meaningless.  At first it felt like watching a film, then an immediate black screen. THE END. But you don’t take your eyes off the screen. You simply remain in your position infinitely. Until you lose consciousness. And all those thoughts, dilemmas, emotions, everything will be reduced to nothingness.

Darkness Flows by you. Is there really a light at end of the tunnel?

          I am really finding it hard to describe the emotion precisely. Imagining the feeling of infinite nothingness is so hard to put in words.  Hence I shall hold the thought and instead, ponder on life and living, and all of our beloved who have passed…

Rest In Paradise VG, JD, MD, BN…