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#41 Marry Me McQueen

Rumor has it that THE MCQUEEN SPRING2010 SHOE will NEVER BE PRODUCED! The show pieces will just be up for auction.  Whaaat?!?! NoOoOoOo! 

shoes CAN inspire an entire outfit

No seriously. Mr McQueen.  Marry me and I shall be the best husband or wife or both to you.  I wouldn’t mind dedicating hours and hours reorganizing all your past work or participating in your terrarium fashion show as a one legged horse.

and i will runawaaaay

Marry me or I shall run off to a Frenchie (Nicholas Ghesquiere) and we shall make gorgeous mixed-race babies by the River Seine.

I know it looks like a claw. but i love it.


#34 Hoes Before Bros

Hoe! Hoe! Hoe!

Think about it.  It’s always been HOES BEFORE BROS.  Especially when you’re young and you have yet to make A GAZILLION MISTAKES with your life.  We only say the reverse after one of us has chosen the opposite path and have nothing better to say than something that goes along with “I told you so…”

Forgive me as i am very passionate for Hoes

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right.  But really dig into it.  What’s so wrong with admitting that hoes come before bros in many a situation in a young man’s life?  Maybe it’s just me.  I can sketch slutty whores all day.

#29 The Aftermath

There is a question that I must have asked one too many times.

you wake up...

It is made up of four words that convey curiosity and stupidity. 

You realize you're naked..

It is a phrase that nearly encapsulates most of my college life.

Feeling funny



You regret some...

#26 What Happens in the Ladies’ Room (No.1)

First in my series of “What Happens in the Ladies’ Room”

What Happens in the Ladies' Room by you.

She will need more than a tissue this time.

Lexi WAS trying to relieve herself from all the cosmos.  Too bad Betsy needed to relieve herself too…

*Based on personal experience.

#25 Relief / Release


Lexi went to the toilet to relieve herself of all the cosmos… It was such a good release.

#24 Wannabe Slut Whore

It’s been a long time since I saw anyone in a Green Dress.  Also I believe I’ve never seen butt cheeks matched with a green balloon skirt. I want pistachio ice cream right now.

Green Dress & Butt Cheeks by you.

Wanna get DIRRRTY...

 I also miss my hot french lady friend.  She’s one of the few girls I know who would remake Christina Aguilera’s DIRRRTY dance video with me. We’re both wannabe-slutwhores.

#006 Skanky Slut Ho

Every girl secretly wants to be one. Well, some girls not so secretly really.

Pink by you.

Ladies leave your man at home. The club is full of ballers...

Google up “I want to be a SLUT” You’ll be surprised how many articles / guidelines there are… 🙂

Step One: Prepare Ingredients by you.

better dip that thing...