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#38 A Full Dress in 8-Hours

Yet another lesson of PUTTING YOUR MIND INTO IT.

My Costume Sketch for the Halloween Party

In less than 8 hours I was able to come up with something that has been in my mind for quite some time now.  You see, it was the annual Halloween Ball of my college block and it was also my first time to attend such highly anticipated event.  I already missed two years because of my work in Brunei but now that I’m back in Manila I get to FINALLY attend.

My dress in 8 hours or less

All I can say is, IT WAS WORTH IT!  I got the materials, measured myself, cut and sewed all night.  All the handstitching and the painful attention to detail was worth it!  Needless to say that dress gave me such a wonderful feeling.  In moments like this, you really appreciate the POWER of fashion, and how getting crazy once in a while can be healthier than running everyday.

its all about how badly you want it

 I love you my dear college friends.  You all inspire me. 🙂


#30 Falling in Love Again

I wonder how many people around the world MISS THAT FEELING right about now.  When you love each other so much every little thing seems to excite you.  You can’t wait to tell your friends everytime something barely interesting happens.  People who believe they are already “mature” will say it is silly to hold on to these things as this is not what love is.  But why does “love” seem to always start with such?

#017 In Her Shoes

If only we could live on really beautiful shoes.  Lie down on the sole.  A different heel, a different mood.  High-cut for the cold weather, strappy for the summer.  The smell of leather, the touch of metal.  Oh how I wish I could live in a shoe.

Oh to rest in one's shoe...

#013 Exploring

Come! by you.



           Today I decided to explore BEYOND my comfortable drawing zone.  I’m always drawing a certain style of fashion illustration.  As an artist, we’re all required to explore, to see more of the world and to be inspired, to experience a wide range of emotions and to contrast present artistic styles with others.

Come! by you.

A little world of our own.

In my case I’ve always been a fan of sketches with a feel of fantasy.  Dwarves and fairies and all those magical earthly creatures are of a world that I can’t wait to master.