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#41 Marry Me McQueen

Rumor has it that THE MCQUEEN SPRING2010 SHOE will NEVER BE PRODUCED! The show pieces will just be up for auction.  Whaaat?!?! NoOoOoOo! 

shoes CAN inspire an entire outfit

No seriously. Mr McQueen.  Marry me and I shall be the best husband or wife or both to you.  I wouldn’t mind dedicating hours and hours reorganizing all your past work or participating in your terrarium fashion show as a one legged horse.

and i will runawaaaay

Marry me or I shall run off to a Frenchie (Nicholas Ghesquiere) and we shall make gorgeous mixed-race babies by the River Seine.

I know it looks like a claw. but i love it.


#24 Wannabe Slut Whore

It’s been a long time since I saw anyone in a Green Dress.  Also I believe I’ve never seen butt cheeks matched with a green balloon skirt. I want pistachio ice cream right now.

Green Dress & Butt Cheeks by you.

Wanna get DIRRRTY...

 I also miss my hot french lady friend.  She’s one of the few girls I know who would remake Christina Aguilera’s DIRRRTY dance video with me. We’re both wannabe-slutwhores.

#017 In Her Shoes

If only we could live on really beautiful shoes.  Lie down on the sole.  A different heel, a different mood.  High-cut for the cold weather, strappy for the summer.  The smell of leather, the touch of metal.  Oh how I wish I could live in a shoe.

Oh to rest in one's shoe...